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Our escape rooms have been built from the ground up, allowing us the freedom to create realistic environments that transport you into the center of a thrilling episodic adventure. Solve the puzzles, explore the domains of intriguing characters, and piece together the complete narrative. Start wherever you like; the story is in your hands.



silver lining

The Story

There comes a time when everyone reaches their breaking point. For you, it happened after a tragic accident took the life of someone very close. You have spent the last six months gathering information and investigating, because something just doesn't seem right. You start to see patterns in the static and messages in the headlines. You panic and lock yourself in. You are getting too close to the source and Locus knows it. Your tablet lights up; a message from a mysterious stranger. You look at the clock. It's 4AM...your story begins.

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a nightly reminder


house arrest


35th / archer

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The Lion's Den