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the lion's den

2 - 8 players

60 minutes to disable silver lining




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in this episode

Alfred Roland, the CEO of Locus Industries, has been harnessing Silver Lining's power to locate items of great value without remorse of the destruction it is causing. You have narrowly escaped his attempts to silence your investigation and he is growing paranoid. Roland relocated the Silver Lining server to a more secure environment:  his heavily guarded compound. But you have a way in. Leonard, your mysterious friend has put you on the guest list to a party Alfred is hosting. It's your job to sneak into his private study to locate the Silver Lining access point and find his login credentials. It's a stealth mission, and security is on high alert. The safety of the world rests on your shoulders.

the experience

The Lion's Den is a stealth mission inside the private office of one of the most wealthy and dangerous men on the planet. You and up to 7 participants will evade security and look through Alfred's personal effects to reveal his secrets. The objective is to find the Silver Lining access point and Alfred's password. Once you have successfully entered his password, get out of there as quickly as you can! 


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