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35th & Archer

2 - 6 players

60 minutes to escape the city

ROOM RECORD: Escape with all 4 bonus items in 59:58


in this episode

Locus' attempt to silence your investigation has failed, but they're still on your heels. Leonard has directed you to the abandoned 35th & Archer subway maintenance station, the epicenter of Silver Lining's release. You have 60 minutes to investigate the scene, collect some items that will help you take down the Locus Secure Research Facility, and escape the city. Use your time wisely because Locus is sure to find you soon. Will you decide to risk it and collect all the items or do you escape as quickly as possible? The choice is yours.

the experience

35th & Archer is a thrilling race against the clock to investigate the scene of Silver Lining's release and pick up some useful items that Leonard has left behind. You and up to 5 other players will head underground and investigate the scene of Silver Lining's release while trying to escape the city. This room contains bonus puzzles which will build upon the storyline, but could hinder your ability to escape, if you do not budget your time. 


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