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Episode Seven: No Going Back

After finding and logging the three possible pieces of evidence, you wait for what feels like forever in the damp shed. You wish you could wait outside, but the rain continues to pour from the sky, your drenched clothes giving you shivers in the cool spring morning. Finally, the police arrive and you go over every detail of your story several times, from the call to the scream to the empty shed. The cops seem satisfied, and they offer to give you a ride back to the office. You have them take you directly home instead, where you strip off the wet clothes and collapse into bed, falling asleep just as the sun crests the horizon.

Slowly you come back to consciousness to a buzzing sound. Sleepily you look around, finally finding your mobile phone still in your pants pocket on the floor. The call is coming from the office. Before answering, you notice that you have dozens of missed calls and voicemails. Maybe it would be better not to answer. You bite the bullet and hit the button.

Immediately you are hit by a wave of profanities. Your supervisor, JD, goes off about nobody being around, the office being a mess, having to do everything himself. Your sleep addled mind can’t really comprehend it all, so you hastily agree to come in as soon as possible and hang up mid rant. Grabbing a fresh set of clothes, you dress and call for a cab.


You walk through the door, and the sight is alarming. Papers and files are thrown everywhere, it looks like the place has been ransacked. “ROOKIE!” comes a shout from the back, startling you. “Of all people, why is it the ROOKIE who actually showed up? Anderson’s been worthless for weeks, but Lowell, that son of a-”

You interrupt, asking what happened. “You tell me, rookie,” JD glares at you. Shaking your head, you begin to recount the events of the previous night once again. JD begins to calm down, but heats up again when he hears how Lowell took off on his own. “Lowell! That- URGH!” JD lets out a loud bellow of frustration, balling his hands into fists. “When I find that guy, I’m gonna kill him. I gotta take a walk, start cleaning up this mess, rookie.”

JD slams the door behind him, and a stack of papers falls over. All you can do is look around, no idea where to start. The whole place is such a mess, except for Anderson’s desk, which you guess was too empty to begin with. You notice Lowell’s safe in the middle of the room, the door wide open. Whoever did this had a sense of humor, apparently: they stuck your welcome bear inside, its black eyes peering out.

You begin piling papers on Anderson’s desk, the only clear spot in the whole place, trying to find some way to sort them that makes sense. As you go through the mess of the office, stacking papers by agent, you put them away in their respective filing cabinets. All except for Anderson’s, whose cabinet is locked. Not wanting to leave anything unattended to, you glance outside and find JD pacing, muttering to himself. You ask him for a way into the filing cabinets. He grumbles in response, tossing you a set of keys and storms off again.

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