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Episode Eight: Questions With No Answers

You assume the color coded keys should be pretty straight forward, but that turns out not to be the case. You don't want to risk upsetting JD anymore than he already is, but after fumbling through them one at a time, you're on the verge of giving up. You're sure the colors must mean something, so you look up different color representations and learn about RGB values. Sure enough, the red one gets you into Anderson's drawer.

The cabinet is about as bare as the desk itself, except for one folder. You ignore it, turning to grab a pile of papers to put in the drawer, when the label on the folder catches the corner of your eye. “LOWELL” is written in small tight lettering across the tab. Curious after the previous night's timeline of events, you want to look but also don't want your third and final coworker to be angry with you.

After a moment's hesitation, you shrug and pull out the folder. At this rate it doesn't really matter, you've never met the guy and from the way JD talks you never will. Opening it up you find an old case file and a couple documents from the New York City office and the NYPD that are redacted in odd places. Reading through them, you learn how Agent Lowell ended up in this podunk assignment.


Apparently Lowell was transferred after losing control and administering a sound beating to a sheriff's deputy. It seems like he was obsessed over a case, and when confronted, he wouldn't let it go. You suddenly hope that you didn't get on his bad side last night, not wanting to mess with a guy willing to beat a cop to pulp.


At that moment, JD walks back into the office. You turn and ask if he knew about Lowell's past. “My name's on the transfer isn't it? Just put the stuff away, alright?” He sounds more tired than angry now, but you resolve to dig deeper later.

Grabbing the folder to return the files to their place, another slip that you hadn't noticed falls out. Picking it up from the floor you read, “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID.” Not sure what it could mean, your curiosity immediately sets in again, but a glance at your supervisor tells you now isn't the time. You return to gathering up the papers strewn about the place and spend your time sorting and filing, mulling over Lowell's past and his strange behavior last night.

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