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Episode Six: Empty Hopes

You inspect the symbols on the metal plate that hold the door shut and notice their orientation. You realize that the rusted lock on the door contains the same “M” symbol on the dial and the solution hits you. You swiftly turn the dial to match the symbols on the metal plate: 6-1-7. Giving the lock a fierce downward pull, it snaps open and you toss it to the ground. Ready to confront what lies within the dark, worn-down structure you barrel into the door with your shoulder.

The door flies open and you bring up your flashlight, hoping to surprise and blind any attackers. Your light pierces into the structure’s dark interior, particles of dust and debris clouding the air. Sweeping back and forth you look for the girl, but your hopes are shattered. The shed is empty, if the girl was here, she’s gone now. Uncertain if she was ever here in the first place, the doubt drains your adrenaline and you suddenly feel worn from the long day.

You decide to call it in and phone the local authorities. You brief them on the night’s events, after which they ask you to hold position until they can get to you. Not wanting to go back into the rain, and still nearly convinced that this creepy shed has to be where the scream you heard came from, you spend your time scanning the area for any clues that might have been left behind.

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