Welcome To Immersion


Since Immersion Escape Rooms opened our doors at the end of 2016 we have had the pleasure of welcoming thousands of guests into our space who have enjoyed our unique approach to the escape room concept. By connecting an original narrative across multiple escape rooms we have been able to tell a much larger story, enabling our guests to step inside and become a part of something bigger. So many times we hear our guests say “What happens next?” Well, we have a lot more to share than our space can hold, which is why we started this blog. We’d like to introduce new ideas, answer questions, and provide some insight into Immersion and the stories we’re just beginning to create.

Immersion Puzzles

It’s obvious that we love puzzles and mind games, and we’re always coming up with new twists and turns for you to unlock and discover. Expect to find plenty of fun distractions here, some of which will tie into the stories that play out in our escape rooms. We’ll even introduce new concepts that build upon what we’ve created so far. You might also  find some clues that lead to hidden puzzles on the web and out into the real world!

A Look Inside The Story

If you’ve played through our rooms then you know our friend and main character Dave Benson and the adventures he’s had so far. There’s a lot more happening in his world beyond those rooms, and we’ll be expanding the tale to reveal character bios, what happens between the rooms, and even a glimpse at what’s to come. We will be introducing some completely new stories and adventures too!

The Development Process

We’ve put a lot into creating Immersion and we’re proud to say that everything we do is developed and produced in-house. We’ll be sharing what goes on behind the scenes while we build new escape room sets, think up puzzles, and design what comes next. We believe in fostering a community of like-minded creatives who share our passion for puzzles, prop building, and set design. The more of us there are, the more amazing things we can do together!

Outside Immersion

We also have big interests in movies, TV and games. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for new things to inspire and entertain us, especially those related to escape rooms and other social experiences. We’ll share the fun through occasional reviews and play test videos, so watch for us and see how successful we are when trying to get through someone else’s puzzles!

We look forward to sharing everything that has been running through our minds, and hope you’ll continue to enjoy the Immersion experience with us. Drop us a line, share your thoughts, and stay tuned for more!