Have questions?

Q: What is an escape room?
A: An escape room is a unique group experience. Participants are enclosed in a themed room where they have a limited amount of time to work together to solve puzzles in order to escape or achieve an objective.
Q: How long does the game last?
A: A game typically lasts 60 minutes.
Q: Is Immersion a franchise?
A: No, we are a locally owned, independent escape room company built by passionate puzzle makers and friends.
Q: How much does a game cost?
A: The cost is $25.00 per participant for an hour long experience.
Q: Are there any age restrictions to play your escape rooms?
A: We do not require players to be of a certain age to enter our rooms, however, some of our puzzles may be challenging. A parent or guardian must be participating inside the room with anyone under the age of 18.
Q: Is it possible to buy a gift voucher?
A: Of course! Gift vouchers may be purchased in $25 increments on our reservations page.
Q: What happens if I do not have enough players to fill a room?
A: If your group does not fill all available slots to one of our escape rooms, you might be paired with others to help you escape. This is the social entertainment aspect of the game that makes it so unique. However, if you prefer to experience a room with only the members of your group, you may purchase all available tickets for your time slot.
Q: How can I reserve your escape rooms for a private party or team building event?
A: We are available to host large group events seven days a week! Please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you promptly to tailor your experience.
Q: Who is Leonard?
A: Leonard is an interesting guy and a very important part of our escape room experiences. He’s usually available. You may contact him directly: lkoltz@locusindustries.com