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Immersion Escape Rooms, located just minutes from the downtown mall and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, provides a unique, interactive experience for friends, family, and co-workers who are seeking a new and challenging form of entertainment.

Put yourself in the center of a story that feels like a big screen movie. Your team has up to 60 minutes to solve a series of engaging puzzles within meticulously designed environments. Communicate, explore, and think outside the box in groups of up to eight people while finding a way to escape!

"Hands down the best escape room company in Charlottesville!"

- Emily B.


Unlike other escape rooms where each room is one and done, all of Immersion's rooms are linked together with a common story. During your adventure you'll uncover messages, hidden meanings, multi-dimensional characters, and more.

You take the part as the main character, following his story through each "episode". If you play through each room and pay close attention, you'll be able to follow the story through the notes and clues you find, as well as being able to converse with one of the characters during your play time.

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"I love how the stories connect. I was so immersed in the experience that I wanted to take on the role of the Characters in the story."

- Jessica K.


Escape rooms are more than just entertaining. They can be a great way to bring a team closer together. Sign up a group from your business or organization with Immersion Escape Rooms and we will ensure your team has a great time while learning to work together. Get in touch with us to book special times and rates outside of normal business hours.

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